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Changing the way world uses AC for better savings and control to recreate a sustainable future

Every moment spent indoors is optimized for comfort & energy efficiency 

Our AI & IoT-based solutions maximize thermal comfort and minimize cooling waste, achieving energy savings of up to 35% in residential and commercial spaces

Take back control of your cooling bills right away with smart controls by ENERLYF.

Enerlyf starts with the right temperature for you


It starts with the right temperature for you and savings assured.


  • Sync AC and Fan using AI
  • Saves up to 35% on AC energy & bill
  • Balanced room temperature
Enersmart comfort redesigned with the right temperature balance and save upto 35% on the AC bill


  • Geofencing
  • Smart scheduling in harmony with outside weather, room conditions & time
  • Saves up to 35% on AC energy & bill

Improve AC's energy efficiency and reduce costs for your commercial facility

✅ Is your organization's ACs running after working hours without your knowledge, as you may have forgotten to turn them off?

✅ Is your AC chilling below 20-22°C despite your suggestion to set them above 24°C?

✅ Are you manually switching on the AC at your workplace and waiting for 10-15 minutes for it to cool down?

✅ Do you have centralized control over all your AC units?
Listen to what Dr. S. Jaishankar, minister of external affairs had to say about us

 Founder's dialogue with 

 Dr. S Jaishankar 

 Hon. Minister of External Affairs 
 Govt. of India 

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