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Your smart & sustainable home

We save up to 35% on AC bills, keeping you cool affordably.


Enerlyf syncs AC & Ceiling fan for your best comfort and savings guaranteed

We learn your ever-changing environment

Enerlyf adapts AC & Ceiling fan use based on your preferences, maximizing energy savings.

We start saving from day one, see it yourself

Monitor your percentage AC off time and total usage with real-time analytics.

So compact,

It's palm size


Suitable for all 

split & window ACs


No wi-fi



Display to 

show daily savings

Cool Features

We help you contribute to a net zero

Enerlyf helps you save up to ₹18,000 annually on cooling. Imagine the long-term benefits of these everyday savings.

School Girl

We turn WATTS into WOW!

Everyday, enerlyf users illuminate 2.5 rural homes, creating a brighter future with their energy savings.

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