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With each step forward,
the environment thrives.​

Take a step towards making a brighter future for everyone

Our Goal

Enerlyf is here not just as for innovation’s sake, we are here to elevate your everyday living experience and comfort. By offering the luxury of undisturbed sleep, it also seeks to remind users of their role in protecting the environment. It represents the potential of technology that coexist harmoniously with nature.

Woman in a Field

Let's make our energy usage count and brighten lives beyond our own!

Every night, we waste 4-5 units of electricity on air conditioning, while millions of people in rural areas manage with just 1-2 units to power life’s essentials throughout the day. Summer power outages often leave these people in darkness. By using energy wisely, we could light up 2.5 homes every day and positively impact the lives of 10-12 individuals.

Luxury Meets Sustainability

We've contributed to preserving these aspects thus far and counting...


optimised 90 lakhs units 


Saved 9 crore worth of energy


Averted 82 lakh KgCO2


Choosing not to waste energy is the most affordable and environmental friendly option we have.

- Chirag P. , Founder
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Founder's Interaction with 
Dr. S. Jaishankar
Hon. Minister of External Affairs, Govt. of India
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