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Enersave turn your non inverter AC to inverter AC by saving upto 35% on the AC bill


Don’t limit yourself
to a single
AC temperature

Your AC alone can not act according to your body's needs but along with ENERSave, it can. 
It understands your desired temperature and maintains it by syncing AC and Fan throughout, so you sleep undisturbed and wake up bright.

temperature needs throughout night

Your temperature needs vary throughout night

Get the comfort you wished for with less AC usage

AC throughout the night is not only uncomfortable but unhealthy too. 

ENERSave focuses on both by
optimizing the AC usage which is right for you and your comfort.

Enersave-less AC usage and better comfort

Sync AC & Fan using AI

check your savings with Enersave

Single button for all your cooling needs

Do you adjust the desired AC temperature, fan speed, swing position, etc. every time you switch on the AC?
ENERSave takes care and pulls off the decisions on your behalf with one touch & track your savings, so you have time for more meaningful things.


“I have been using ENERSave for more than a year now. I have 2 ACs and the gadget has helped to save approx 30% on my electricity bill."
- Sunil Mistry, CEO | Mumbai

Save energy while you sleep

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