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A temperature profile that is custom made just for you

Do you have different cooling needs throughout?
Of course!! Everyone does. 
The ever-fluctuating outside temperature makes your body feel differently at different hours.
Set different temperatures with
ENERSmart’s intelligent time schedule and feel comfortable in your desired temperature throughout the day and night. 
Thereby saving up to 35% on electricity bills. Just set it once and forget!!
temperature needs throughout night

Your temperature needs vary throughout night

Ever thought of thermal comfort?

Thermal comfort is experienced when staying in an environment with temperatures between22 °C – 27 °C and relative humidity of 40%–60%. 
The inbuilt temperature and humidity sensor detects the surrounding climate and maintains a balanced temperature according to your body's needs.
Enersmart provides thermal comfort
geofencing-stop cooling empty rooms

Stop cooling empty rooms

Don’t remember whether you switched off the AC before going out?
We’ve got you. 
Want to come to a cooler home?
We will switch on the AC  for you before you reach home.

ENERSmart lets you cool your home only when it’s required.

Weather ready always

ENERSmart auto-responds to the ever-fluctuating weather conditions.

So, If it is raining outside, the cooling automatically gets lowered and changes to dry mode. Likewise, if the sun is in full bloom, the cooling gets higher.

This way, the temperature remains consistent without you having to fiddle with the air conditioner.
Enersmart auto responds to weather
Enersmart runs on app and it works with alexa and google

The control is in your hand

  • Smart schedule your AC based on time, outside weather conditions & room temperature-humidity
  • Geo-fencing 
  • Voice control
  • Manage multiple ACs at different or same locations with a single app


“With ENERSmart, I don't have to worry about coming home and still feeling hot because of the outside climate. It detects my location and switches ON the AC before I reach."
- Rajnish Jain, CFO | Mumbai

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