frequently asked questions

My AC already has an inbuilt feature to turn off the compressor and run the internal fan. Then what is the value addition of ENERLYF in this regard?

Your Non Inverter AC tries to maintain desired temperature by turning compressor ON & OFF alternatively. For optimal sleep, one needs a comfortable ambience during different sleep stages with different temperatures owing to gradual transition of body heat and activity from low to high. ENERLYF’s ComfySense technology regulates the AC for optimal sleeping conditions.

What is ComfySense Technology?

ComfySense technology is a smart technology developed and tested by ENERLYF INNOVATIONS LLP that is based on three parameters for input - 1. Human sleep patterns 2. User preferences (e.g. set temperature of AC, FAN speed & FLAP position) 3. Room temperature. By analyzing these three parameters, it helps users to enjoy comfortable sleep throughout the night.

My AC already has an OFF timer which turns air-conditioning OFF after a specific time interval is configured. How does ENERLYF help then?

The AC's Timer turns off the AC after pre-configured time period. After that, the AC remains OFF for whole night, making users uncomfortable. The constant interruptions to user’s sleep to turn on the fan and swich on the AC, leads to a disturbed sleep cycle, affecting productivity for the next day as well. ENERLYF manages AC operations for hassle-free sleep over the night as per the sleep cycle, operating fan and AC automatically.

How is Enerlyf capability different than the AC's sleep mode?

The AC's sleep mode reduces the set temperature at periodic intervals by 1°C but will eventually keep AC running the entire night, consuming electricity in the bargain. ENERLYF saves energy consumption by reducing the overall AC operational period. Also, the AC operations go through varied transitions to keep user's sleep unaffected & more comfortable, while increasing cost savings too.

Does ENERLYF energy consumption affect the electricity bill drastically?

ENERLYF consumes electricity as much as a mobile charger. One would not be able to witness any noticeable impact on electricity bill but surely it would save on electricity bills by throughout the night.

How much time does it take to configure user preferences of AC operations through ENERLYF?

It takes less than 30 seconds for users to set their AC operational preferences through ENERLYF

What if I have more than one AC?

One device can work with only one AC at a time

What is the requirement I shall fulfil to install ENERLYF at my home?

a. Non-inverter AC & b. Ceiling Fan should be there in the room where ENERLYF is to be installed

How shall I know about the percentage of energy savings happened during last night through ENERLYF?

When you wake up in the morning, power OFF the device. The device will then display the percentage of energy savings during last night run, the total run time of the device over the night & the total AC operational time during the night.

How would ENERLYF perform if the user wishes to run both AC & FAN at the same time?

Yes! It is possible. However it is recommended to run one at a time. By running both together, increases AC compressor run time, which increases power consumption hence we do not recommend.

Do we need to alter wiring connections in my room to install ENERLYF?

Not at all. No alteration is required in wiring connections to install ENERLYF

How much time is required to install the device?

The installation procedure is quick and easy. It will take around 15 to 20 minutes to install and configure the device for the very first time

Any Major Benefits of ENERLYF?

With ENERLYF, one can be rest assured of comfortable and sound sleep, even while the total AC energy savings increase, by up to 50%, with reduced carbon footprints.

How does ENERLYF help with respect to energy savings if I already own a 4 or 5 star rating AC?

ENERLYF works on the principle of reducing the overall AC ON time to lower energy consumption while providing comfort to the user. 4/5 star ACs consume less current compared to 3 star ACs when keeping room temperature at desired settings. 4/5 star ACs do not reduce the time AC running time. Eventually, ENERLYF will save more energy than the AC itself.

Can I as an individual be benefited with carbon credits for installing ENERLYF?

As an Individual, you can not get any direct benefits. But your contribution will account for reducing carbon emissions of entire nation.

Does ENERLYF connect to AC? If not, how does ENERLYF work without connecting it to AC?

ENERLYF is a smart device, which uses wireless IR communication to work with ACs. ENERLYF does not have any direct-wired connection with your AC.

What kind of certificates ENERLYF INNOVATIONS LLP own w.r.t. Electronic safety or product standards like BIS, CE etc.?

We have executed all kind of pre-certification related test cases and the product has been through. We are in process of achieving BIS & CE certificates.

Can I install ENERLYF myself?

We recommend you to install it by experienced electrician. You may also contact ENERLYF help Centre in case of any help relating to Installation & Configuration.

What if I switched off AC but forgot to switch off ENERLYF?

Users have to power OFF ENERLYF after use in all cases.

What if I forgot to change ENERLYF settings but changed the AC settings directly?

ENERLYF will override your AC settings with the settings configured within the device

Does ENERLYF have to be in learning mode to set new conditions?

ENERLYF's learning mode lets the device understand user's desired AC settings and temperatures. So, yes, it needs to be in learning mode for setting new conditions

Can I check my total monthly or bi-monthly savings?

Yes. ENERLYF shows the total energy savings after the AC is run the previous night. You can record per night savings and thus calculate your monthly savings too

What temperatures ENERLYF operates in?

0 - 55°C

Can ENERLYF help in changing ceiling fan speed?

No. ENERLYF can switch the ceiling FAN on and off. Its speed can be set by the regulator itself

Does ENERLYF provide mobile app support?

As of now NO. We are working to extend its features in the near future

What if I change my AC? Will ENERLYF still work?

ENERLYF supports 36 plus of AC brands available in Indian market and mostly will support your new AC too, all it should be a non-inverter AC

How would ENERLYF work in daytime?

This device will perform well in daytime too but assurance of comfort & energy savings would not be as it is during night use.

What is replacement warranty for the product? What damages are covered as per warranty clauses?

1 Year. It will cover all the damages, which are covered under warranty policy of the company.