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A degree ( °C ) up on the AC remote, a degree down in global warming

The Commercial, Health, Educational & Hospitality industry has always come to blows pertaining to AC energy consumption.

The use is largely unjustified by the consumer and the temperature setting is frequently not logical with the safety parameters.

A small step of keeping the AC temperature from traditional 20-21°C to 24°C can reduce the electricity bill by 24%.

How much can we save collectively as a nation?

If only 50% of the people follow the recommendation laid by BEE ( Bureau of Energy Efficiency ), we will be able to save about 10 billion units of electricity which is equal to reducing 8.2 billion tonnes of Co2 per year.

Saving energy is important for reducing the drastic climate change and Co2 release in the air and so is optimising the energy usage.

The average human temperature is 36-37°C. The AC temperature at large establishments like hospitals, airports, offices etc. are kept at 18-21°C assuming a better cooling performance of the AC system.

Technically, it is not true. The cooling action of the compressor runs the same in other settings also. In the case of 24-25°C and more people in the room, the compressor will run slightly longer until such equilibrium is achieved given the desired humidity and air movement values.

So basically, the lower AC temperature gives only thermal satisfaction not faster cooling.

Money saving possibilities and health has always been a significant deal. This national effort is enlightening humankind with numerous side effects on both because of the extreme AC temperature.

Effects on health:

  • Joint pain

  • Respiratory issues

  • Dry skin

  • Dehydration

How much energy can we save?

With a change of every 1°C we can save up to 6% electricity. So, if we shift from 20°C to 24°C, we will be able to save 24% electricity.

The connected load in India due to air conditioning will be about 200 GW by 2030 and this may further increase as today only 6% of households are using one or more air conditioners. If the measures are followed by all consumers, India can save about 23 billion units of electricity. The total installed capacity of air conditioners is about 80 million TR, which will increase to about 250 million TR in 2030.

How is Enerlyf bringing a difference to society?

ENERSave by Enerlyf cuts the energy consumption by AC up to 4.5* units per night/AC. This much amount of energy has the potential of generating electricity for 2.5 homes on average thus impacting the lives of nearly at least 10 people.

Lighting the way from our home to theirs!!

Some countries are already on their way to make a huge difference in the world. Japan and the U.S. state, California have restricted the AC temperature to 28°C and 26°C respectively.

Are you ready too?

Until next time, Save electricity! Save environment!

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