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Making savings easier

We are well acquainted with why we should save money and have deep pockets.

So, let’s be conscious of why we should save energy.

Firstly, the overuse of energy releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere which leads to global warming.

Unforeseen climate change is making wet places become wetter and warm places are becoming warmer.

Secondly, it opens to over-exploitation of resources which may one day run out.


When nature communicates, we ought to respond. Enerlyf is principally working towards making energy-saving an uncomplicated process. Being a socially and environmentally conscious brand, we are well acquainted with the depleting resources.

We have been in the business for not so long but are in a position to impact the energy conservation sector considerably.

We have directed our resources towards electricity saving, health, and the environment.

Proud of our two innovations: ENERsave and ENERSmart, we have been victorious in serving people with up to 35% less electricity bills.

We are a people’s brand and their well-being is a significant deal for us. Enlightening humankind with numerous side effects on health because of the extreme AC temperature is sure to get mentioned in our success story.

Reducing the carbon footprint has made our presence felt by the most distinguished organizations in the business.

ENERSave - Save while you sleep

AC consumes up to 55-60% of total electricity bills.

According to a survey, the AC replacement cycle is 12-15 years. What about the 2 crores+ Non-Inverter ACs which will not be replaced before 2030?

ENERSave makes your non-inverter AC as efficient as inverter AC. One can save up to 35% on your total electricity bill.

ENERSmart- Create the right temperature balance

Your AC can do much more than just cool your room. Don’t limit yourself to one temperature with ENERSmart.

Do you like when something is made especially for you? Sure, you do!! The gizmo provides you with a personalized temperature profile because it understands you have different cooling needs throughout because of the ever-fluctuating outside conditions and changing weather.

Cool smart your home with geofencing and reduce the energy consumption by 35% on your inverter AC.

We aim to persevere until we build a mark as the most energy-efficient country on the globe.

Until then, stay tuned and stay excited!!

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