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A step towards better future

Disclaimer: The topic is heavy and so are the consequences without net zero.

What is net zero?

Net zero is balancing the amount of greenhouse gases produced with the amount of gases removed from the atmosphere. At this stage, global warming will stop.

If we don’t act now, we will not be able to save the future generation from seeing the worst climate change.

How can we stop it?

  1. Turning down the greenhouse gas emission from activities such as power generation, industrial processes, transport and intensive agriculture.

  2. Removing the emissions from the atmosphere by capturing carbon created during the industrial processes before it is released or planting more trees.

To prevent the worst climate damages, global net human-caused emissions of CO2 need to fall by 45 percent.

To stabilize the climate change, co2 emissions need to fall to zero.

The commitment to keep global warming at 1.5 °C has been confirmed by the leaders of many countries.

Sweden, France, Denmark, New Zealand and Hungary have approved the net-zero legislation, all with a deadline of 2050.

Conversely, India is committed to do it by 2070.

Areas where we can achieve it?

In many sectors of the economy, technologies exist that can bring down the greenhouse gases emissions to zero.

Electricity- by using renewable and nuclear generation.

Transport system- by running it on electricity or hydrogen

Industrial processes and homes- by using electricity rather than gas.

These can help to bring provincial emissions to absolute zero.

Areas where we can try to keep it to minimum

Aviation and Agriculture

Some emissions from these sectors will likely remain untouched and in order to counterbalance this, an equivalent amount of CO2 needs to be taken out of the atmosphere – negative emission target becomes ‘net zero’ for the economy as a whole also called ‘carbon neutrality’.

The only greenhouse gas that can be absorbed by the atmosphere is CO2. There are two approaches to pull it out:

  1. By restoring nature to absorb more

  2. By building technology to do the job.

Which one will you choose?

Image courtesy: Energy Transmissions Commission Enerlyf has devoted all its resources towards building a technology which is successful in reducing the carbon footprint by turning down the electricity usage.

A brand for you and the environment!!

Until next time, keep yourself and the planet healthy!!

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