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Sleep like a baby!

Know what is happening to your mind while sleeping. First things first, if you are getting sleep, you are lucky!! Sleep is important for our mental and physical well-being.

For all the ladies and gentlemen who are trying to lose weight:

We need to sleep to lose those extra kilos.

Sleep controls our hunger hormones, leptin and ghrelin. One increases the feeling of being full after eating and another one increases appetite respectively.

During sleep, ghrelin decreases because we are using less energy. However, when we are not able to sleep, ghrelin increases and leptin decreases giving you a push to eat and thereby weight gain.

So, if you are looking forward to a non- expensive and easy way to maintain that beautiful figure of yours, just take your beauty sleep.

Conserve your energy, you might want to put it to better use:

Research says, 8 hours of sleep can save about 35 % of your body energy. This concept is backed by the way our metabolic rate drops during sleep.

Sleeping allows us to reduce our caloric needs by spending part of our time functioning at a lower metabolism.

Some good sleep motivation:

Sleep is required to clear out waste from our brains and store new information so that you wake up with fresh energy and fresh mind the next morning.

Your poor sleep can be one of the reasons for your poor heart health.

Proper insulin function depends on your sleep health. Poor sleep can cause type 2 diabetes. The brain uses less glucose during sleep, which helps the body regulate overall blood glucose.

Sleep is necessary for emotional health. During sleep, brain activity increases in areas that regulate emotion, thereby supporting healthy brain function and emotional stability.

That’s why when your boss asks you to ‘Sleep on it’, just do it. It will help you make a better and wiser decision.

When do you sleep the most? Let’s talk Sleep hierarchy!!

EW, you drool in your sleep!!

Relax, don’t feel bad. Instead, I feel good. You did a favour to your body and mind.

Next time when you wake up with saliva marks, be content as you have slept really well. This only happens when the person is very relaxed.

You are blessed!! See you next time, until then SLEEP TIGHT!!

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