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Smart Home Expo 2022: We learnt and unlearnt!!

Recently, our team had the privilege to participate in the most innovative exhibitions of the country, the Smart Home Expo 2022 at the Jio World Centre, Mumbai.

We experienced the most advanced technologies which are making humans smart and homes smarter. We were gratified to see how far technology has come, giving every kind of control in the palm of a hand. We learnt a lot of things and we unlearnt a lot of them too. The mechanics behind giving every kind of control of your appliances to Alexa, Google and your phones is at the boom but what was not is, being ‘energy efficient’. Of Course, their technology is at par with us but ‘band aids don’t fix bullet holes’. Just being technology smart is not enough. Giving comfort to the people is important but taking care of the environment by giving them comfort is our solution to the bigger problem. Being technology smart for energy conservation ‘by the people and for the people’ and the environment has always been and will always be the end goal and we are just getting started with our success stories. Not a promotion post, just something we hope to get appreciated for.

Smart homes!! Smarter you!!

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