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Why are women freezing and men aren’t?


All the men

Women with blankets and men with none!! Every room scene, lots of arguments, none justified!!

Want a breakthrough? Here it is:

The surface of a woman’s skin is up to three degrees colder than that of a man's

Have you ever heard, men are thick-skinned? Yes !! They are in every which way. Men are ahead of women by a full 20 percent. When it’s cold, the blood vessels constrict, reducing the blood flow in the skin which further intensifies when the skin is thin. And so, women feel colder than men.

The male hormone, testosterone is responsible for the fact that they have 40% more muscle mass even without daily weight training while the ladies on average have only 15% muscles

Muscles generate heat and store it too. Since. Women biologically have less muscle mass than men, they are qualified to feel colder.

The female fat piles up at the hips, chest, bum, and thighs. In men, it is around the belly keeping the internal organs warm

Even though women are ahead of men as they have a 25 percent body fat ratio, the fat distribution makes the whole difference. The fat is capable of just insulating heat and not manufacturing it. As a result, women are always cold.

On average, a woman’s metabolic rate is 35 percent lower than that of a man

The metabolic rate states how much energy a person needs to keep the body’s vital functions running. For eg. Pulse, heartbeat, breathing, etc. Even though women need less energy to keep vital functions going, it also necessarily means less heat production. As a result, women ought to feel cold and ask for those snuggles.

Young, slim women often struggle with low blood pressure which boosts the sensation of coldness

Low blood pressure causes fatigue, and dizziness in addition to cold hands and feet. So, women always feel the temperature is low and feel cold. The traditional fight for a room climate is not a wonder anymore.

The demand for a higher AC temperature is not personal, it’s biological.

With love and blankets,


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