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Create the right temperature balance


✅ Geofencing

✅ Smart scheduling

✅ Responds to outside temperature and daily routine

✅ In-built temperature and humidity sensor


    Taxes Included
      • Cool your home in advance
        Geofencing recognizes when you are approaching home and cools up your space in advance without any hassle.
      • Save up to 35% on AC bill
        Save 5-6% energy with every 1C rise in temperature. A temperature pattern which is scientifically right for you and serves your body's cooling needs.
      • Voice control
        The device works in harmony with Alexa, IFTTT, Google assistant and SmartThings to give you the best user friendly experience.
      • Smart scheduling
        Set the right temperature according to your daily routine and weather conditions. The AI maintains a balanced temperature at every time of the day or night.
      • Retrofit solution
        The plug and play deployment has been designed to serve you the best.
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