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Individual temperature preferences fluctuate throughout the day & night

Understanding the fluctuation allows us to create a symphony of comfort round the clock

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Easier to take control during the day

We can take steps to manage our
AC temperature if needed. 

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Overlooking importance of sleep temperature

Despite spending 1/3 of our life sleeping, we overlook the importance of achieving quality sleep through optimal temperature. 


There is a science
behind sleep temperature

Cooler temperatures can help us fall asleep faster. However, as the night progresses, the temperature should rise to ensure comfort and peaceful sleep. This adjustment helps our bodies adapt to the outdoor weather. On the other hand, warmer temperatures during morning can gently wake you up.

Temperature affects differently at different ages

Image by Minnie Zhou
Baby Sleeping

Quality sleep for baby

Babies and young children lose heat faster, needing warmer temperatures than adults to stay comfortable.

Image by Heather Mount
Image by Heather Mount

Finding the balance

Temperature preferences vary in couples. A cooler starting point with gradual warming can help both partners sleep well.

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Comforting Hands

Better Rest

Elderly individuals often feel colder due to lower temperature needs and reduced blood flow. This disrupts sleep and increases fall risks at night. Automatic temperature adjustments can prevent those.

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Our innovative technology creates a much-needed temperature transition automatically while monitoring your needs and environment, throughout the night to ensure a peaceful sleep, no matter your age and lower your cooling expenses by up to 35%* and save yourself from wasting up to ₹18,000 per year.

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